Petroserve CEO: crime concerns have company hiring private security for metro area stores

(Fargo, ND) -- The CEO for Pertroserve U.S.A. says the company has been forced to hire private security guards to man three of the company's stores here in metro because of crime concerns. 

"We have to have a larger police presence in those stores, and it's got to be a police presence that's proactive and not reactive," said Kent Satrang.  

Kent Satrang said they started hiring private security last year. 

An employee at the Petroserve on 13th Avenue South in Fargo was recently injured while trying to break up a fight. 

Satrang said the company might have to close the store on 13th Avenue. 

He said security guards are also now posted at Petroserve locations in downtown Fargo and along I-94. 

Satrang appeared on the Jay Thomas Show.